Easy and secure dynamic site with SSL, restdb.io and Let's Encrypt

by Knut Martin Tornes - February 22 2018

As you may not know, all restdb.io databases can host a dynamic site on a custom domain (like this site).

We added a nice feature to enable secure (SSL/TSL) sites without any setup other than changing the IP your domain points to (technicality: change the "A" record).

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80% HTML - 20% database - 100% dynamic web site

by Knut Martin Tornes - November 15 2017

We created this site as a demonstration and an example of how to create a dynamic site and blog using a restdb.io database and pages with HTML and server side HandlebarsJS tags. On each page of this site you can click the View Source  button in the downright corner and  you will see the HTML and restdb.io HandlebarsJS-tags. You can view the "master template" source here.

This site is a work in progress and we will gradually make it better to showcase how a web site is a natural extension of a database service such as restdb.io

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Complete blog demo

by Jon Erik Solheim - October 06 2016

We have created a complete blog demo site to show how restdb.io and Markdown can be combined into an effective publishing solution.

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Markdown demo

by Jon Erik Solheim - October 01 2016

It's easy to render html from markdown content in restdb.io. 

What is markdown? 

Markdown is a text-to-HTML conversion tool for web writers. Markdown allows you to write using an easy-to-read, easy-to-write plain text format, then convert it to structurally valid XHTML (or HTML). 

Check out this demo page, click the view source to see how it's made. 

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Your database a.k.a. the web server

by Jon Erik Solheim - September 19 2016

Your database just got a web address. It's a prefix "www-" before your database name.

For example:

Check out this Twitter Bootstrap example page with full source code.

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Authentication of external users

by Jon Erik Solheim - September 05 2016

External users can now sign up and log in to your application which gets secure access through the REST API of your database. 
restdb.io integrates directly with the Auth0 authentication service 

Demo application with code here.

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Basic authentication

by Jon Erik Solheim - August 12 2016

Restdb Pages lets you create any content from your database and deliver it on a custom route. However, sensitive content must be protected. That's why we made it simple to include user authentication in any Page. All you have to do is to add the #auth tag to the Page source code.

Check out the demos:
Dedicated servers can even have their own SSL certificate for your domain.

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Realtime REST made simple

by Jon Erik Solheim - August 07 2016

We've created an example to show you how to use realtime REST events with a restdb.io database.  You can find it in the menu under "Demos" or click here.

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Creating an RSS feed in restdb.io

by Knut Martin Tornes - July 25 2016

In restdb.io you can easily serve many different content types. Creating an RSS feed is done simply by creating a restdb.io Page, set up the data context/query, write the necessary XML markup and finally set the content type to text/xml.

The RSS feed we have created for this blog does not have any "View Source" like the other pages, but you can see it here.

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What is restdb.io?

by Knut Martin Tornes - July 25 2016

restdb.io is a database-as-a-service, perfect for dynamic web content. 

The core benefits of the service are:

  • Super-fast development with intuitive UI
  • Enables "relational" NoSQL database model with rich data types (HTML, images, files)
  • automatically creates REST APIs and admin user interface
  • Excel/CSV, JSON import and export
  • Hosts websites and can serve any content type (HTML, JSON, XML, RSS, images/files etc)
  • Realtime REST notifications and publish/subscribe API
  • Access control
  • ....

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Life is good - la bella vita

by Jon Erik Solheim - July 24 2016

Blogging from Sicily can be quite relaxing. Check out the thumbnail picture of the amazing water.

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(the feed was created using a restdb.io Page with XML and Handlebars) - view source

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